Location & Arrival

Not far from Cefalù, just on the other, the eastern side of the house Mountain ( Rocca ), is one of the most beautiful bays of the northern coast of Sicily – ” La Caldura ” or “Calura”, as it is called here.

The exact origin is unclear, although every indication that the name comes from the Greek “kalos ( beautiful = ) kallos ( beauty ) and” oreuo ” (refuge , shelter ), ie “beautiful refuge”

The name could also be derived from the Latin word ” calidum ” ( = heat , heat). Others tend, however, to look for the origin of the word in Arabic means ” Calhur “, which would mean “shiny eastern beach”.

Even if the linguistic meaning is uncertain, so we will allow us to assert that the Calura is one of the last unspoiled beauty of the island. A world apart, a world of rocks, coves, beaches and sea.

At the top, between the prickly pears and agaves, stand the remains of an ancient tower out – one of many along the coast of Sicily, which it once permitted to disseminate the key messages within an hour around the island.

In the immediate vicinity, only about 20 – 25 minutes walk from the center of Cefalù , our hotel is located Kalura.

Our hotel offers you both the direct view of the beautiful coastline and the vast sea , as well as on the mountainous, wooded – the Madonie – as well as to the local mountain of Cefalù and thus the symbol of the city: the Rocca. Find out yourself what look you want to enjoy from your room!