Yoga course in Sicily

Strength lies in calmness

Yoga is good and has a lot of benefits! For the body, the mind and the soul.

With yoga you get more energy and more joy of life! Yoga exercises increase vitality, improve concentration and help to relax. Yoga stabilizes the function of the heart, strengthens the body and strengthens the immune system. Furthermore, yoga helps with sleep disorders and supports digestion.
Hatha Yoga is one of the most known and most original variants. The balance between body and mind is the essential, which will be achieved with physical exercises, breathing techniques and meditation.

For the season 2018 from April to October the Hotel Kalura offers a yoga class for beginner and advanced learners in a unique environment .
Our yoga teacher, Priscilla, will give lessons in hatha yoga by the sea, on one of our terraces or in one of our yoga rooms.

If you are interested, just contact the reception and sign in for the course you choosed!