What to expect

Included are:

  • 1 or 2 yoga classes each day of 60-90 minutes
  • 1 pranayama class each day
  • 1 meditation session each day
  • daily breakfast buffet
  • 6 nights accommodation

Your programme:

After arriving on Saturday 4th, you will have some time to get your bearings, explore the hotel and perhaps relax on the private beach or in a lounge chair by the café and bar.

We will meet for dinner, have an introductory round to get to know each other, and our first yoga class. We will start off with a relaxing, stretchy class to help us arrive.

On Sunday to Friday we will start each morning with a pranayama class. This sets us up for the day energetically and helps wake us up.

This is followed by a delicious breakfast buffet provided by the hotel. It caters to vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and many other dietary requirements. Please enquire if you have questions.

After breakfast each day there will be one or two yoga classes (optional to join one or both), a meditation class and an optional excursion (not included in the package price). The timings of yoga and meditation will vary to accommodate the excursions.

Optional group excursions are:

  1. Visiting Cefalù to sightsee, watch sunset and shop regional specialities
  2. Hiking up La Rocca, the rock overlooking Cefalù, which is also home to a medieval castle and the prehistoric Diana temple built using megaliths
  3. Participating in a Wim Hof Method workshop led by the hotel owners. They are certified instructors in the method. It consists of breathwork, cold exposure and meditation to raise health markers and generate similar mental states as yogic practices
  4. Two different hikes in the Madonie, the nearby mountain range, exploring two different kinds of landscapes there and enjoying the flora and fauna. In November, the main heat has passed and you will find many plants blooming and nature green and lush.

Alternatively you can take time off to spend according to your own interests - bathing in the sea, lying in the sun, finding more remote beaches by bicycle or car, biking in the Madonie and many more.

Lunch and dinner are not included in the package giving you the option of dining at the hotel restaurant (excellent Italian cuisine ranging from €13 to €24 for a main) or outside depending on the day's activities.

On the final day we will have a morning pranayama session, breakfast, and a final yoga and meditation class before we bring the retreat to a close.

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Your instructors

Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation:

Katharina Kunze will be leading the Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation classes. She was certified in Rishikesh, India, at the foot of the Himalayas, in traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. Her appreciation for yoga philosophy and yogic practices reaching beyond asana stem from the profound and authentic teachings she experienced. She is keen to pass on her learnings to support others on the path to peace, flow and a sense of oneness.

Her teaching is also heavily influenced by the Jivamukti yoga style, which brings in more modern and (self-proclaimed) "hip" elements. This includes music used in class, light face and neck massages in savasana, and many of the sequences and indepth alignment cues stem from that practice.

Wim Hof Method:

Gerrit Curcio and Isabel Einsiedl are owner/managers of Hotel Kalura. Gerrit is also an athlete holding several ice swimming records, and Isabel is an artist whose works are also displayed at the hotel. Both are certified Wim Hof Method instructors - a method which they credit with positive health outcomes, greater mental resiliency in their day-to-day life and a fast way to enter certain spiritual states. In their Wim Hof Method workshop you will learn more about the theory behind the approach and be able to experience the effects in an extensive breathing exercise as well as an (optional) ice bath.

Hikes in the Madonie:

Bernd Hornig runs the bike rental at Hotel Kalura and has led tours in the region for nearly 15 years. He says he never gives tours he doesn't personally love, and as such finds the most idyllic and scenic spots for hikes and bike tours. Spiritually inclined and a nature nut, he can show us meditative locations, enchanting forests, and explain much about the nature, plants and history of the region we are visiting.


for 1 person in a single room

for 1 person in a double room

for 2 people in a double room

for 2 people in a double room, only 1 retreat participant (e.g. yogi + partner)
Yogi: full package included (see list on the right and above).
Non-participating partner: only accommodation and breakfast included.

Included in the price

  • 6 nights accommodation (4-10 Nov 2023)
  • daily breakfast buffet
  • 6 pranayama sessions
  • 6 meditation sessions
  • daily 1-2 yoga classes of 60-90 minutes each
  • 1 optional one-on-one session to work on poses of your choice individually

You can find additional information on 0neyoga.com/retreat-in-sicily. To ask any questions and to book the retreat, please email katharina.kunze@gmail.com or katharina@0neyoga.com.

We are greatly looking forward to spending a peaceful, beautiful and inspiring time together.